About Aman Sangha

Love what you do, do what you love.

I love helping clients sleep well at night, knowing that they will have money when they need it most. What I do is educate my clients to take the steps that help them sleep well at night.

How I do what I do.
I believe that the 360⁰ approach to financial planning is the foundation of a client advisor relationship. A financial plan built on the 360⁰ approach, starts with the end goals in mind, and works backwards, accounting for client specific constraints, and going to the starting point – cash flow analysis, where it all starts. A well-developed financial plan helps a client channel their cash flow in a way that it helps them increase their Net Worth on a consistent basis, irrespective of what life might have in store for them.

Why I believe in this approach.
Experience, it is said is the best teacher. I was an academically gifted student and did well in my undergrads in Mechanical Engineering (Thapar University) and my MBA (Indian Institute of Management) from reputed institutes in India. The CFA charter attained after 1000+ hours of rigorous study and 4+ years in financial planning industry were the backdrop, on which this approach was built.

However, it was my 10+ years as Benefits and Pension Implementation consultant, spent with Industry leaders (Fidelity Investments, Hewitt Associates, Aon Hewitt) that really helped me prepare for setting up my own practice.

As a Benefits and Pension Implementation consultant, I realized first hand that an employer might provide their employees with the best pension plan or best benefit options, it is for the individual employee to decide if that is enough. If not, it is incumbent on the individual, to determine how much wealth/risk protection one really needs.

And this is where most of us do a very poor job.

We plan our travel trips and vacations, we plan our birthday parties and weddings, but we pay little attention to planning our financial lives, especially for our retirement stage, when we will be past our ‘best before’ date and likely lonely.

A well-developed financial plan does away with the anxiety and prepares an individual for what lies ahead.

What gets me out of bed every morning.
I see myself more as a money coach, less as a financial advisor. I face the same challenges that most of my clients do. There is only so much money to go around. Educating clients on prioritizing their cash flow, investing in the future, while enjoying the present is what I do best.

Learning is my passion. I have learnt from each and every individual that I have ever worked with. And what ever I have learnt, I am happy to share with others. To see me share my learnings, I look forward to seeing you at one of my upcoming workshops.

Thanks for reading so far and for your ongoing commitment to the success of your financial goals.